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Bonjour Little

Bonjour Little is a french clothing and accessories brand for cool babies, made of GOTS certified organic cotton.


Cute and comfy, they are special as they can be worn day and night; they are inspired by the effortless Californian style. 

' cute and comfy apparel to wear out and sleep in '

All the collection is made of organic cotton; dyes and prints are guaranteed eco-friendly and non-toxic, to respect all baby’s sensitive skin.

"Clothing brand for cool babies, made of organic cotton, which can be used day and night, inspired by the Californian effortless style."

Founder: Marie GONNET​


DESIGN philosophy

In a world where everything is moving faster and faster, we believe that we should stay cool when it comes to raising our kids. Not aiming to be perfect, learning to love imperfections; spending time with our kids rather than focusing on keeping a perfectly clean house and kids dressed up to the nines. 

Life is much easier and peaceful that way.

Our way to bring a cool twist to this baby world is to propose clothes that baby can either wear during the day or at night, with an effortless yet trendy design, made of organic fabrics, friendly to our earth.

Our featured products, our day+night jumpsuits and baby suits in organic cotton are the best examples of this cool spirit and attitude: cute and easy to wea