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"It starts with an awareness and questioning of our way of life.  Now more than ever we have an opportunity to show up! To be bigger, better and create awareness for the present issues and for the well-being of the next generation.  It's time to favour brands that produce responsibly for the environment, socially and for our health."
Holli Setephano, FOUNDER OF ÊTRE en VERT

At Être en Vert EVERY Brand must meet a high level of sustainability within their business ethics. 

Our ETHICS are at the centre of our core values and are the drive behind our business.

We ask all the necessary questions of our brands so you can shop with confidence and transparency.


What are the brands ETHICS?

Can they provide transparency in their complete production line?

Where are the fabrics and materials sourced?

Are materials and fabrics sustainable?

Are farmers and manufacturers paid a fair trade?

Are products manufactured locally to support local and hand made artisans?

Are the brands practising slow fashion?

Are the brands reducing packaging and labelling for sustainability? 

Are the brands practising eco-friendly shipping methods including compostable packing?



Discover our designers and their brand ethics in the directory. 

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