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Eco is short for ecology, or the study of interactions between organisms and their environment. Eco-fashion is any brand or line that attempts to minimize the impact on the environment, and often the health of the consumers and the working conditions for the people that are making the clothes.


Imagine organic cotton, durable, recyclable fabrics, plant-based dyes and a fair wage for the manufacturers and suppliers, made under the principles of slow fashion and locally. In the best of conditions, ethical fashion sounds awesome.

However, it is not quite as simple as that. Ethical fashion can be branded just by being sustainable, which means the crop used for making the garments can be regrown or replanted once it is harvested. There is also no such thing as a 100% eco-friendly piece of clothing because all clothing takes water and energy.

That said at Être en Vert we believe in celebrating brands who are genuinely trying their best, striving to create better solutions and improve where possible. 


Not only as designers as consumers, to be more eco friendly on a consumption level we have to purchase quality over quantity. For example, buying products that can be re-used for not only one child but for future bébés, you may add to your family or products that can be rehomed to friends, family or charity. 

In order to do this, we encourage our community to purchase sustainably produced Organic clothing in neutral non-gender specific colours where possible. 

Other ways to be eco friendly

 -Wash your clothes less and limit the washing of synthetic clothes as the particles enter the water systems

-Avoid dryers where possible

-Never throw clothes in the rubbish bin. Rehome, donate, recycle, reuse or repurpose