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Historically, HEVEA began as a question that needed an answer: how to take care of our children and our planet just a little bit better. That makes everything quite simple for us: we were born of an urge to do better. To show that how we act and live in the world makes a difference to ourselves, and our children – the citizens of tomorrow. The lack of natural options for our future generations and the choices we have to make was what made us turn to Hevea Brasiliensis – natural rubber, and this has formed the basis of our mission and our purpose from the very beginning.

The Hevea Planet brand has its origins in Denmark and was founded by Terese Hoffeldt, a mother who cares about the environment and the products she gives to her children. Her interest in sustainable development and respect for the environment led her to create Hevea. Hevea Planet brand pacifiers, bottles and accessories are free of plastics, BPA, phthalates and silicones.

HEVEA is not just a brand; it’s a story with its own purpose. The HEVEA story is about how we want to leave fingerprints on the world – a fingerprint showing that we strive to do better, to create a more mindful way of taking care of the planet we leave for future generations. 

You can be absolutely certain you will have the most eco-friendly and completely non-toxic pacifier when you choose HEVEA.

"In every aspect of our work at HEVEA, I see it as our mission to develop our standards for what can be created using natural rubber and rubberwood, and to put our sustainable fingerprint on the planet. That is the only mark that truly matters. Not only for this generation but also for all future generations, and for all the questions we still need to find a sustainable answer to."

Founder: Terese Hoffeldt


DESIGN philosophy

Our design philosophy is inherently Danish. Unifying the beautiful design with clear functionality is the core of the renowned Danish design tradition, and we stick to this in discovering and developing all that our cherished hevea can offer.


Geographically, our mix is unique. While the hevea trees grow mainly in Southeast Asia, and much of our production requires skills and facilities found close to the plantations where the hevea is harvested.