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Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Holli lives in the beautiful French Alps of Grenoble, South-East of France with her husband, two girls Eva-Rose and Emi-Lou and her nineteen-month old boy Kenoz-Carter.

Growing up in New Zealand she spent her childhood between her parents in Raglan and Mount Maunganui.

Holli began working in the Café scene from the age of 14 later became a coffee Barista while studying a Bachelor of Art and Design major in Fashion. Later working in the fashion and design industry as a Fashion stylist and consultant and the Director of her business Anomaly Rogue Ltd for 5 years.

Having left New Zealand 11 years ago to support her husband's Rugby career she recently founded a new business based in Europe Être en Vert which is a vast comparison from the unsustainable fast fashion career she once knew.

Her dedication to social responsibility, sustainability, organic food, mental and emotional wellness is a welcomed lifestyle change for Holli for the past 9 years.

Confused by the doctor's diagnosis of being fit and healthy to conceive Holli continued to struggle with fertility issues so decided to take control of her situation by educating herself on alternative, non-medical solutions.

She now finds herself living a slower, conscious lifestyle that protects both her health and the health of her little people that’s she so courageously fought for through fertility issues to becoming a mum.

Her priority now is to create a safe and healthy lifestyle for her family and others alike through her new business. Être en Vert is an online Designer Concept store for fashion and lifestyle products specialising in sustainable and ethical brands from birth and beyond that are safe for people and consider the planet. Offering customers an invitation to create an alternative narrative around consumerism by collaborating with brands such as Hevea, The Simple Folk, Konges Sløjd, Soft Gallery, Bonjour Little, Paulin Signature Végétale and more with similar business ethos.

1. You have 3 children, how has your approach to mothering changed over the last 10 years?

My world has completely changed since first considering having children to mothering and my lifestyle too!

I like to consider my life now as slow or slower, conscious and connected style of mothering. I'm still learning to master these attributes but it feels right.

"I believe our children are already born who they are supposed to be

and our role is to nurture their being, soul and spirit. They are simply passing through us and it is our honour to be on that journey with them."

I feel our children are here to guide us to learn more about ourselves and show us where in our lives we need to be more present, conscious, heal and grow.

Every day I commit to connecting and getting to know my children on their level. I hear their stories, understand their feelings, laugh with them and wholeheartedly connect. When we do this our children feel heard and share their deepest feelings and thoughts on life and this is special for me.

Being able to guide the emotional and mental health of my children is paramount but equally protecting the health of children through the consciously curated offerings on Être en Vert.

This for me is mothering.

2. Pregnancy and motherhood is such an exciting time but it can be daunting and overwhelming too! What advice would you give to a new Mama?

Surround yourself with a community that nurtures you and your baby/family. Take it slow and enjoy every moment! It's cliche but like everyone says the early dreamy and cuddly stages are fleeting.

Eat lots of yummy nurturing wholesome food and drink, including good quality water! We use the Hydrogen Health filters System in our home and highly recommend their products. Your diet and nutrition play an integral part in the early days after birth and during breastfeeding.

When purchasing products for yourself, your home, the nursery and your baby be mindful of how it's made and what it contains. Try and use Organic cotton reusable breast pads and bras. Anything close to your skin will transfer into your body!

Eliminate any plastic in and around your baby as much as possible. If you are using a pacifier our range of plant based Hevea natural pacifiers are an amazing alternative to plastic or silicon.

Purchase sustainable and ethically produced organic clothing, bedding and accessories, especially in the early days when the skin of your newborn is so fragile and thin. Everything in and around your baby affects their development and their health.

Try to swap products that contain fragrance for natural alternatives from plants or essential oils. Candles, skincare, bath products. Artificial fragrances smell nice but they alter the balance of our hormones and are linked to so many health issues for babies and mamas especially, they wreck havoc in our bodies without us even knowing. It's best to steer clear!

Rest, relax, sleep, take the option for rééducation périnéale its so worth it and also take a few sessions with the Osteo your body will thank you and lastly be kind to yourself including your body. You just performed a miracle.

3. How can we all approach fashion in a more sustainable way?

The Être en Vert Ethos page is a great place to start. Becoming more familiar with sustainable terminology and having a clear understanding will empower us to make more informed decisions around what we purchase and how it affects our health and the planet.

Try and purchase pieces that are not influenced by fashion trends and seasons. Think timeless slow fashion, and capsule wardrobes, read more on the Être en Vert JOURNAL POST HERE!

Buy from smaller artisans, who are genuinely practising and producing products that are good for the planet and the consumer. The designers we support at Être en Vert are a great place to start.

Paulin Signature Végétale is a beautiful bespoke slow fashion brand designed in Dijon France, made in the Mauricious using Gots certified Organic cotton and coloured using vegetable dyes that you can find on Être en Vert.

To reduce the fashion and lifestyle carbon footprint we believe it's extremely important to support locally made products where possible. It's our duty and responsibility to support LOCAL to ensure the longevity of their business and livelihoods.

Locally made promotes

  • Builds communities

  • Creates local job opportunities

  • Results in product diversity

  • Reduces the carbon footprint

  • Helps to create circular fashion

  • Unique products

  • More often are sustainable