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Quincy Mae

Quincy Mae is a baby basics apparel and accessory collection created by designer/illustrator/mother Kelli Larson, inspired by her third baby. Each Quincy Mae collection is carefully sourced using only certified organic cotton. Seasonal collections offer you beautiful colour palettes, minimal print patterns, and velvety soft fabrics with an approach focused on luxurious simplicity. The complete line is filled with easy to wear silhouettes and everyday basics built to make dressing your baby simple and convenient, from colour coordination across different pieces to getting each garment on and off. The minimalist approach to art and prints combined with soft wearable colours will always be the staple design features of Quincy Mae and have made the brand stand apart since its inception. 

Zip longsleeve sleeper

DESIGN philosophy

Quincy Mae is designed in the United States and made in China. Everything is made in partnership with factories that must sign an eleven-part code of conduct agreement with us which states a series of critical components. No child labour, no forced work environments, fair wages, non-discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex and more  

Quincy Mae source the best organic cotton in the simplest terms possible, this means extreme intentionality in only using materials that customers can be fully confident to put on your child, certified by the industry's highest standards.


It’s a way to create better products because responsibility is important for the apparel industry as a whole and everyone has an important part to play in making that process better.

All fabrics are GOTS certified organic and each individual garment carries the GOTS certification label. Always subject to strict brand requirements to be free of antimicrobial chemicals, formaldehydes, pesticides, phthalates, PFCs, polyvinvl chloride, and VOCS. 

fabric AND sustainability

All Quincy Mae packaging (polybags/hangtags) are all recyclable. Since most of the apparel industry contributes to piles of unnecessary trash, packaging is a little thing that makes a huge difference. In an intentional effort to push back against creating waste that can be easily avoided, all the outer elements protecting the garments can be put straight into your recycling bin at home.


By sourcing only the best cotton and materials Quincy Mae produce longer-lasting, better washing garments and accessories that aren't disposable. Cherished baby garments should be worn, well-loved, and then shared and not thrown away wastefully.


With an emphasis put on producing better quality and longer-lasting items that live on beyond the initial wear and tear that endearing garments face.