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Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery is a Danish kids-wear brand established in 2007.

Every season, Soft Gallery collaborates with both local and international artists. They convert unique seasonal themes into prints and hand embroideries, bringing life to the soft canvas and giving each collection an organic flow with new beautiful impulses and variations.


By collaborating with artists, Soft Gallery strives to bring the art to the eye level of kids and pass on wonderful and inspiring stories. The clothes are luxurious and contemporary with an added artistic twist.

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DESIGN philosophy

Behind the poetic and colourful universe of the Danish brand Soft Gallery, hides Tine, a stylist passionate about art, this has pushed her to create an atypical brand imbued with creativity.


Each season, an artist creates arty, pop or figurative motifs exclusively for Soft Gallery. Prints and embroidery are available on cotton t-shirts, skirts and dresses for a comfortable and easy-to-match collection.


Soft Gallery acts actively against child labour in India. Part of the profits is therefore donated to the children's home that Soft Gallery has created in India. This playful brand is above all an artistic and human project. 

fabric AND sustainability

Soft Gallery places great emphasis on high-quality materials and comfortable silhouettes.


Their designs are honest, timeless and personal. Être en Vert hand pick a collection of GOTS certified and recycled garments including the NOOS (Never Out of Stock) program which includes everyday basics for bébés made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.